We have decide to make available for downloading two applications developed by our team of programmers.... 

WindowsLauncher: Windows application allowing user to Launch specific programs and or Web Sites on computer during boot-up --- Application developed for dual screen modes, specially useful for playing demo or marketing material. Download here

Screen shot of WindowsLauncher


PLCMonitor – Demo application allowing users to read and write data to Allen Bradley Programmable Logic Controllers without use of RSLinx. Note the application can only communicate with PLC's connect to the TCP/IP network through 1736 NET- ENI module or build in Ethernet connection (processor SLC 5/05 and 1763-MicroLogix 1100.) (1761-NET-ENI allows only 4 simultaneous IP connections when SLC 5/05 and ML 1100 allow for 64).This is a demo application developed using third party .NET controls. Download here

Screen shot of PLCMonitor











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